Top Four Reasons Why You Should Write A Thank You Letter After Job Interview

Thank You Letter After Job InterviewThere is nothing in this world more unsettling than a job interview. No matter how much you prepare for this kind of event, nothing ever goes off as planned, and you may leave the meeting feeling that you did not give the best of impressions. If this happens to you, you should know that there is a tool at your disposal that can be used to put yourself in a much better light to your prospective employer. That tool, a thank you letter after job interview, whether sent via email or by regular post, can be an invaluable aid in helping you land the job you most desire.

Here are the top four reasons why you should write a thank you letter after job interview:

1. It’s the Perfect Opportunity To Reconnect And Network

Whenever I leave an interview appointment, I always try to get the interviewer’s business card, if they have one. It is a personal touch that tells them that it was worth the time to me and is a compliment to their professionalism. It also gives you the necessary contact information with which to send that thank you letter after job interview note or email, reconnecting your name with the experience of the interview and the resume they have on file.

2. The Contact Can Give You an Edge over Others in Line

Sending your interviewer a positive thank you letter after job interview note, especially one that reiterates your qualifications, in a positive light, will make the receiver more curious about you as a candidate. This practice is not a common one, so it tends to elevate your standing in the list of potential new hires because it illustrates your understanding of their firm, the job, and the value you could bring to their company. It also makes the receiver feel rewarded, a compliment that should be paid more often by potential job candidates.

3. Its A Chance to Say What You Should Have Said During the Interview

A lot of times, opportunities to really sell yourself and highlight how your qualifications can benefit the company you are applying to, can be missed because of nerves or rushed through because of time constraints. By sending a well-written, positive thank you letter after job interview, you have that chance to represent yourself as you should have done during the initial interview. By highlighting your strengths, you reinforce your potential as an asset to their firm, and can use it to effectively erase any negatives that may have arisen during the actual interview.

4. Translates a Name into a Person of Interest

Employers, especially in times like those that we are experiencing now, see hundreds of resumes on a daily basis. It is all too easy to forget the person behind those names, even those that are residing within the smaller pile of potential candidates. By sending a personable thank you letter after job interview note, you link a personality to that name on the resume, making yourself more memorable than any other candidate.

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