The Benefits Of A Thank You Letter After Interview Email

Thank You Letter After Interview EmailA job interview can be a very stressful and nerve wracking experience; no matter how prepared for it you think you are. You have done your research, think you have all the right questions prepared to ask your interviewer and when you get there, all sane thoughts just fly out your mind. It may not be all about being nervous, because every interviewer has bad days and good days as well and he or she may not have given you a good reception or was pressed for time to get through a lot of applications. Whatever the reason, you are concerned that you have left a bad impression behind. Luckily, there is one tool you have at your disposal that you can use to change that: a thank you letter after interview email.

Why Send a Thank You Letter After Interview Email?

The writing of a thank you letter after interview email gives you a chance to present your case for being hired in a light that is totally under control. No phone calls interrupting you and no pressure to make a good impression. This is your opportunity to present yourself in a positive way that may not have been noticed the first time around. Additionally, it is also a respectful and polite gesture to the person who took the time to see you despite their busy schedule.

There was a time when people wrote thank you notes for any kind gesture, like a gift or in response to an enjoyable visit. Thanking someone for taking the time to see you, will make them feel good, recognized and respected. It will also show that you are indeed committed to pursuing a career with their firm, and that it is not just a “job”.

A Chance to Rewind and Represent

No one remembers how an interview went 100% accurately. Our perceptions color everything and you may worry that the impression you left behind is not one that you want to be remembered for. By writing a thank you letter after interview email, you can impress them once more with your knowledge of their firm and field of expertise and any information that you may not have had a chance to divulge during the interview.

Paints a Professional Picture

When leaving an interview, always ask for a business card. This will allow you to contact the interviewer about the position if you do not hear anything further. It will also give you the contact information you will need for the thank you letter after interview email that you will write when you return home. Asking for their business card will also help to foster a professional impression of you on their part.

That professionalism will be carried over again, through the thank you letter after interview email. By taking the time to thank them for seeing you, you will most likely generate good feelings, because this simple gesture simply does not happen often enough in today’s world. It may also get your resume yet another viewing, as your gesture will put you in the forefront once more.

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