How Sending An Interview Thank You Email Can Make You A Winner

Interview Thank You EmailAt one time or another, we have all done it. We arrange for an interview for what could possibly be our dream job, and do all the things we are supposed to do. We research the prospective employer as much as we can, come up with our own list of questions we want to ask, and practice our interview skills until we are perfect. The day of the interview, we leave in plenty of time to get there and then wait nervously for the person we are supposed to impress to arrive. A whole lot of preparation and then because of time concerns on their part or nervousness on yours, you forget most of what you wanted to say. Fortunately, there is a way to save the day, and put ourselves in a better light: the interview thank you email.

An Interview Thank You Email?

Yes, that’s right, an interview thank you email can help you gain a few brownie points over your other competitors. Why should this be such a foreign concept? The person you interviewed with took precious time out of their day to see you and even if it did not exactly go the way you thought it might, they still deserve to be thanked for their efforts. There was a time, not so long ago, that people still wrote letters and an email is still a letter, albeit in electronic form.

An interview thank you email can also be considered your second chance to shine. The interviewer can read it at their leisure, not in a hurried few minutes and you never know, it might just make their day. With this device, you will have a chance to repaint yourself in a more positive and more confident light and get that message you so desperately practiced before the actual meeting across. Moreover, it makes you more memorable in their minds when it comes to making that final decision for hiring.

Keep it Polite, Short and To the Point

If you have done the proper research on this company, then you may already have a general email address for the human resources person you interviewed with. One sure way that I have found to get the interview thank you email to the right person afterwards is to ask if they have a business card that you can have. For busy people, especially when their days are filled with talking to more people than they might see in an entire year, this sends the signal that you enjoyed not only meeting them but value them enough to want to remember them.

When you write that interview thank you email, keep it short, positive and to the point. Above all, be sure that you thank them sincerely for their time. Recite points that were discussed and present once more your conviction that you can help their firm on the path to greater success, if hired. Offer up the opportunity for more questions and let them know that you hope to hear from them.

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