Get The Competitive Edge With This Winning Customer Service Resume Example

In today’s economy, jobs are returning to most areas, but not in the same numbers that used to be available in the past. This means that every resume you send out to apply for a job will be measured against hundreds, if not thousands, of others sent in with the same hope that you had when you applied: that this job was meant for you. In order to craft that winning resume, you need to understand how each section of a customer service resume example can accomplish two things: present an accurate picture of who you are, and convince that potential employer that you can live up to the hype, and be the employee that they are seeking, over all others.

Check Out Our Example: (Click On It to Download in MS Word or Text Format)

Customer Service Resume Example

First Section: Contact Information

This beginning section, at the top of the resume page is meant to hold any method that the potential employer can use to contact you, should they decide to, after viewing your resume. It is vital that all information contained here be accurate, available, and portrays you as you wish to be seen. If you provide a phone number, be certain to check it often for messages, and return them quickly. Your email address should contain at least your first initial and your last name to reflect professionalism. You never, ever use a nickname. For this customer service resume example, we will just use

Second Section: Objective

In this section of our customer service resume example, you will list your career goals and most importantly, how the job opening the prospective employer has would fit into those long-term goals. Just saying that you need a job to pay the rent is not an appropriate statement to make here. This is where you sum up, in one or two sentences, how your skills and training make you the best person for this position.

Third Section: Education and Skills

If you have any certifications or degrees that are directly related to the position or even indirectly related, this is the section to list them in. If you have reviewed the ad and job description closely, you will know which keywords the employer is looking for, and emphasizing them here will help to move your resume to the top of the pile. In a winning customer service resume example, you would emphasize things like customer service, business, client relations and the like as well as how you gained those skills, and where.

Fourth Section: Summarize the Assets

In today’s world, especially in business, not everyone gains the skills they have simply through education or pure work experience. For a winning customer service resume example, you should highlight any experiences outside the workplace from which you gained an asset for the position you are seeking. Say, you volunteer regularly for the local food drive. This will highlight your organizational skills, your ability to work independently, and problem solving. Review everything! You might be surprised at how much you have gained that applies.

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