How to Write an Internship Cover Letter

The competition for most internships is very high. Some companies will receive hundreds of applications, cover letters, and resumes from college students that want to hone their skills and get more experience in their chosen career field. It can be difficult though, to create a compelling internship cover letter and resume if you do not have much work experience. However, remember that most of the other applicants are in the same situation you are.

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Internship Cover Letter

Focus on Your Skills

While you may not have all the skills that you need for an internship, it doesn’t mean that you’re automatically disqualified. Companies are quite accustomed to seeing an internship cover letter from a student that has not had a job before. This does not mean that you don’t have some great skills that the company can put to good use.

One of the best ways to get ideas about what your internship cover letter should say is to look at some of the examples online. You can find these examples all over the internet and there will be several for your current level of experience, as well as the type of internship that you want. While you do not want to copy and paste from the examples into your own cover letter, you will see how others have successfully created a cover letter and resume for this specific type of internship.

Three Parts to Your Letter

The first part of your internship cover letter is where you introduce yourself to the reader. You can write about your career goals and why this particular company is a good place to start towards achieving those goals. Mention one or two things that you have learned about the company, as this will show that you have done a bit of research on the business.

The next part will include your skills and experience. Use bullet statements to draw attention to your best qualities and whenever possible, use numbers and percentages to show your accomplishments. Include your volunteer service in this section, as well as your education. This is one of the most important parts of your internship cover letter.

The last part of the internship cover letter should include a line or two about how excited you are to meet with the company and discuss the internship position in more detail. If you are not responding to an advertisement, then be sure to include how and when you will follow up on your cover letter and resume. Put your phone number and email address in the last sentence, so it’s easy for the company to contact you.

Formatting the Cover Letter

An internship cover letter should look like a professional business letter. Avoid using non-traditional fonts. Always keep your cover letter to one page, but don’t shrink the font size so much that it is hard to read. Also, make sure you proofread the letter carefully. Mistakes in grammar and spelling can cost you the internship, so whenever possible, have someone else read over your cover letter and resume before you send it. Best of luck as you embark on your career.

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