Will an Interview Thank You Letter Help You Land the Job?

Interview Thank You LetterYou’re probably looking for anything that will give you an advantage during an interview. You may buy a new suit or dress or practice answering questions. However, most people typically overlook the one small thing that could help them in an imterview – an interview thank you letter. While it’s not likely that this letter will be the sole reason that you are hired, it can provide the interviewer with even more insight into the type of employee that you would be.

Show Your Best Qualities

The interview thank you letter should always be sent after an interview. However, only about ten percent of job seekers actually do so, according to employers. This letter is not only polite, but it also gives you a chance to state your best qualities one more time. If you have the skills the interviewer is looking for, this letter is a great way to remind him or her of those skills. Be sure to include the experience and qualifications that are needed for job opening.

Do you have training in a specific type of computer software or equipment that is a requirement for the job? This is what you need to highlight in your interview thank you letter. You don’t want to make this a long letter, but three or four paragraphs are quite acceptable.

Don’t Forget to Say Thank You

Of course, you must say thank you for the interview in this letter. It should be sincere, but not overdone. This should be included in the first couple of lines in your interview thank you letter. Once you have that out of the way, then you should mention one or two things that you learned about the company during the interview that you feel are positive. It will also help the interviewer remember your interview.

Move onto the part about your skills and qualification. Show the interviewer why you feel you are a great choice for the job. You are not putting everything that is in your resume in this letter, though. Keep it to the point. You should also mention anything that you feel is important that you forgot to say in the interview. It can be quite a stressful experience, and remembering everything is sometimes difficult. The interview thank you letter gives you a chance to rectify this situation.

Finishing the Letter

The last paragraph should include another mention of your thanks and that you hope to hear from the company soon about the job. Don’t sound needy, but you do want to let the company know that you are still interested in the position. Include your phone number and email address, so it’s easy for the interviewer to get in touch with you.

In Closing

Writing an interview thank you letter will not guarantee that you get the job offer. However, it certainly will not harm your chances. Send this letter within 24 hours of your interview, but don’t forget to proofread it. You don’t want errors in spelling and grammar overshadowing the intent of your letter. Best of luck in your pursuit of the perfect job!

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