Write a Better Resume with a Nursing Resume Example

One of the fastest growing careers in the United States is nursing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that over half a million RN jobs will be added between now and 2016. While this is certainly great news for those who want to become a nurse, it doesn’t mean that getting a job as a nurse is easy. You still need to have an exceptional resume that makes an interviewer want to speak with you more about their job opening. One of the ways to get some help writing such a resume is to take a look at a good nursing resume example.

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Nursing Resume Example

Where to Find Example Resumes

The internet is a wonderful source of information about resume writing, including many examples to help you get started. When you are looking for a nursing resume example, look for one that matches the position you are looking. It might be and example resume for an RN, an LPN or a Nurse’s Aide. There are also many specialized nursing positions, such as a Director of Nursing or Floor Supervisor. All of these positions will have an example of a great resume online.

Draw the Reader’s Eye

One thing to look for in a nursing resume example is what draws the reader’s eye. The use of bold and italic fonts is one way to do this, as are bullet statements. Incorporate those attention drawing details into your own resume, such as for your training, certifications, and skills. Most potential employers only skim the resumes they receive looking for specific details. Make sure that those details are easily found in your resume. Using numbers and percentages is also a great way to this, especially when you’re talking about your accomplishments. If you can put a number to your achievements, the reader is much more likely to see it.

Use High Impact Action Words

This is really important. Avoid using a passive tense. Instead choose high impact action words that truly exemplify your skills and experience. There are many lists online of these words and many can be found on the same website as a nursing resume example. Avoid using the same action word more than once in your resume, too. There are many to choose from, so this shouldn’t be a problem. If you find that you want to use the same word again, use the synonym suggestion on your word processing program.

Always Present a Professional Resume

While this probably goes without saying for most people, presenting a professional resume is very important. If you will be dropping your resume off in person, make sure it’s not wrinkled or stained. There should be no errors at all, so proofread it carefully. Stay away from too much slang or excessive use of abbreviations. Not everyone will know what those abbreviations mean. A one page resume is highly recommended and don’t provide references unless they are specifically required. These are the best tips for using a nursing resume example to help create a great resume for you.

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