Don’t Do These Things in Your Thank You Letter after Interview Email

Thank You Letter After Interview EmailMost of the tips available today about writing a thank you letter after interview email deal with what you should say. These tips are for what you shouldn’t say or do with your thank you email. These can be just as important as making sure you get everything in your email that you need to. However, if you do some of the following things, you may actually do yourself a disservice.

Don’t Be Unprofessional

Most of the younger generations today haven’t had to write very many letters. Phone calls, text messages, and emails have taken over as favored forms of communication. When you are writing a thank you letter after interview email, you should keep the tone professional. There should not be any usage of slang or abbreviations. Make sure the email is more than just one long paragraph and that it flows well. Proofread it carefully for errors, as well. The spell check on your email program is not enough, though. You also want to check for errors in punctuation and grammar.

Don’t Beg for the Job

While this may seem like useless information, you’d be surprised at how many people do this to varying degrees in their thank you letter after interview email. While you certainly want to express your enthusiasm about the job and company, seeming needy will not help your cause. Make sure that you thank the interviewer for his or time, as well. Many people forget this when trying to impress the reader with their skills and experience.

Don’t Use Odd Formatting

This is also a common mistake that many people make when they are writing a thank you letter after interview email. Avoid using strange fonts or very small or large font size. You should also avoid using an email stationary background. This can cause the email to load slowly. Many companies block emails with attachments, so don’t send anything via an attachment unless it is requested. If you were interviewed by several people, send each one a different email. Don’t just copy the email to another person. Should one interviewer find out that you send the same email to someone, it rather detracts from the sincerity of the thank you letter.

Other Tips

There are other tips for helping you write a thank you letter after interview email. It’s the last chance that you have to make a good impression, so make sure it’s well written. You should include a sentence or two about what you found interesting or exciting about the company and the position. You also want to reiterate why you would be a great choice for the job and what you bring to the table. Keep your thank you letter short and to the point. It shouldn’t be longer than three small paragraphs or so.

In Closing

Writing a thank you letter after interview email is really easy and it is a courtesy that many people overlook. Take advantage of this “last push” for the job and show the employer why you are what their company needs.

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