Interview Thank You Email Tips – Don’t Forget These Three Points

Interview Thank You EmailEveryone likes to hear “thank you” now and then. Not only is it common courtesy but when it comes to a job interview, it can actually be a deciding factor in whether you’re offered the job or not. Only about ten percent of all people interviewed take the time to send an interview thank you email. Employers won’t say whether or not such an email has actually changed their mind on who they will hire, but they are quick to say that it does make a good impression. Here are three points to remember when sending this important email.

Keep It Professional

It’s tempting to be a bit casual when you are writing an interview thank you email. The world has gotten so used to writing emails instead of traditional letters. However, when you’re dealing with a potential employer in any situation, you need to present a professional image. Try to avoid using any slang or too many abbreviations. In addition, format the email so it looks like a business letter without the letterhead. You don’t want one paragraph in the letter. Also, avoid using background stationary or attaching images or other files. Many companies have network security settings that do not allow for delivery of these emails.

Send Your Email Quickly

Your interview thank you email should be sent as soon as possible after your interview. You do not want your email arriving after the interviewer has already made his or her decision. Send it within 24 hours of your interview. Also, be sure to send each person who interviewed you a thank you letter. Don’t send the same one to each person, though. Be creative.

Toot Your Own Horn

Sometimes, it can be difficult to promote yourself, but that is exactly what you have to do. You’ll want to restate why you believe you are a good choice for the open position, as well as the specific skills that reinforce your beliefs. You do not want to ramble on, though. This interview thank you email needs to be short and to the point. Be sure to include words of appreciation for the interviewer’s time, as well as what you liked about the interview, the company, and the job.

Some Other Considerations

There are a few other considerations when you’re writing an interview thank you email. Make sure you have the correct email address for the interviewer, as well as the correct spelling of his or her name. Proofread the email carefully for any spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors. Include your email address and phone number at the end of the email so that it is easy for the interviewer to contact you.

In Closing

While an interview thank you email will not guarantee that you will get the job, it certainly won’t hurt. Keep it professional and send it promptly. Make sure you promote yourself effectively in the email but also include some words of thanks. Even if you don’t get the job, you will know that you’ve done all you could to capture the attention of the interviewer.

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