Capture the Interviewer’s Attention with a Thank You Letter After Interview

Thank You Letter After InterviewSometime, it can be difficult to write any type of thank you letter. You do not want to see like you are overdoing the appreciation, but you want the recipient to know that you are thankful for whatever reason. When it comes to writing a thank you letter after interview, there are few tips that can help you. Remember that this not an ordinary thank you letter but a chance to capture the interviewer’s attention once again.

What to Say in Your Thank You Letter After Interview

Your thank you letter after interview should begin with a short sentence or two about your appreciation for the opportunity to have an interview. Do not overdo it but do strive to get your point across. Follow that with one or two things that you found out you like about the company. Mentioning something that was talked about during the interview is a good idea.

Your next paragraph or two should focus on why you believe you are a good candidate for the job opening. Reiterate how your skills, experience, and other qualifications can benefit the company. You don’t want to use all of the information in your resume in the thank you letter after interview, but you do want to choose the highlights that best suit the job you are applying for.

In the last paragraph of your thank you letter after interview, you should be sure to mention your continued interest in the position. An interviewer that contacts someone to offer them a job, only to be turned down, has wasted his or her time. By stating that you look forward to hearing from the interviewer, you show that you are indeed hoping to get the job offer.

Other After Interview Tips

Formatting your thank you letter after interview is important, as well. If you have received various communications from the company by email in the past, then you can send this letter by email. If you haven’t, then you should drop the letter off in person or mail it. An email thank you letter should not contain any attachments or stationary background. Keep the formatting simple and include your phone number and email address at the end to make it easy for the interviewer to contact you. If you will use a traditional business letter format, check out some of the examples online. This will show you what the proper format is and what information should be included. You want the letter to be professional, but also sincere.

In Closing

Sending a thank you letter after interview will not guarantee you a job offer; however, it can help the interviewer remember you specifically. All of your skills and qualifications will be right in front of him or her. Since only ten percent of all applicants send this letter, chances are you might be the only one who does for this particular job. Certainly that will leave a good impression with the interviewer. Remember to proofread your letter carefully and send it within 24 hours of your interview. Best of luck!

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