Is a Thank You Letter for Interview Really Necessary Today?

Thank You Letter For InterviewAs more and more people turn to email and texting to communicate, letters and thank you notes are becoming less common. Instead of taking the time to jot down a quick thank you note, many people just send an email or post a general thank you on the gift giver’s Facebook page. As a result, many of today’s younger generation have never written such a note. However, when you are trying to land your dream job, you need to take the time to write a thank you letter for interview.

More than Just a Thank You

A thank you letter for interview is so much more than just a courtesy. It is also a way for you to have one last show at impressing the interviewer. Perhaps you forgot to tell him or her something during your meeting that would help you cause. While you do not want to mention anything negative that might have happened during your interview, you do want to mention something that you and the interviewer spoke about. This will help the interviewer remember you and that can make the rest of your thank you letter even more important.

You want to reinforce why you are a good choice for the job opening. This might be due to your extensive computer programming skills or superior customer service experience. Whatever will make you appear to be the best choice for the company is what you need to mention. Of course, it has to be within reason, too. You want to show the potential employer that you want to bring your skills and work ethic to the company.

Other Important Points to Remember

A thank you letter for interview should also include one or two things that you like about the company. You do not want to sound like you are trying to butter up to the interviewer, but you do want to show that you know a bit about the company and their mission. If you are sending the letter through the regular mail, then it should be formatted as a typical business letter. However, if you are sending it through email, then you will need to include your phone number and email address, so that it is easy to get in touch with you.

Remember to proofread your thank you letter for interview carefully. Even a short letter such as this can have errors. These errors will not look very good for you and can turn your letter into something less than positive.

A Few Final Thoughts

A thank you letter for interview is a nice way to show your appreciation for getting an interview. You will have the opportunity to address anything that you might have forgotten to say in your interview, as well as reiterate your best qualities and skills. Show the company why you are the right choice for the job. Make sure you format your letter properly and proofread it for errors. Best wishes for a great career.

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