How to Write a Fantastic Customer Service Resume

Customer service is not a job for everyone. Some people are just not good with other people. They may not have the patience or the tact to deal with unhappy customers. However, for those that love this type of job, there are many opportunities available. In order to have the best chance at getting hired, though, you’re going to need a fantastic customer service resume.

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Customer Service Resume Example

Getting Started

Before you start writing out your objective statement, it is best to spend a bit of time online. You can look at a few examples of a customer service resume and see which style and format you like. Print the examples off, if you can. However, remember that you do not want to copy and paste any content into your own resume. It needs to be original. Use these examples to give you an idea of what you want your resume to look like.

When you are looking at some of the examples, see which part of the resume immediately draws your eyes. For most people, this will be bullet statements, numbers, and bold text. These are things that you want to incorporate into your own customer service resume. Next, take a look at what those bullet statements say. In most cases, it will showcase skills that directly relate to customer service. You should use numbers, fractions, and other quantifying means to show that you got results.

Start Writing

Your objective statement on your customer service resume is important. You can find several good examples online that can help you create an effective objective statement that specifically says the type of job that you want. Choose powerful action words that get your point across very easily.

When you are listing your job history on your customer service resume, try to find some way to include that you were working with people. If you do not have specific experience in customer service, you will be surprised at how you can tweak your resume to show that you have worked with people to help meet their needs.  Customer service is all about keeping the consumer happy. This does not mean that you have to be the one that always answers the phone or that you are specifically responsible for meeting the customer’s needs. You can also be the one that takes care of a problem or makes a repair. It is just a matter of wording.

When listing your skills, be sure highlight those that focus on customer service and customer satisfaction. These are the skills that employers are looking for and what will help you get a call for an interview. In the education portion of the customer service resume, list any specialized training that you may have had on customer service software or in dealing with unpleasant customers.

In Closing

A customer service resume is not as difficult to write as you might think. Example resumes can make the process quite simple and you just have to make the resume your own. Be sure to proofread the finished resume before you send it off to a potential employee. Best of luck in your job hunt.

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