Tips For Writing A Cover Letter Customer Service

Cover Letter Customer ServiceCover letters are essentially a means to formally introduce yourself to the hiring manager while providing a sneak peak into your resume. A cover letter customer service should clearly state your desire to apply for a job position in customer service within a company.  More importantly, it should demonstrate your ability to help the company meet and perhaps exceed its goals.

Keep it Short

While the cover letter customer service is an important addition to your customer service resume, it is important to keep in mind that it is not your actual resume. It should not be as long and as detailed as the resume. The person reading this letter will just glance through it looking for a sentence or sentences that will jump out at them and catch their attention.

An ideal cover letter should consist of just a few paragraphs that are very short, snappy and easy to read. It should be interesting and pique the interest of the reader enough to want to know more about you. It should work to get the reader to want to turn the page and read the full resume.

If the cover letter itself is too long drawn and too detailed, the hiring manager is more likely than not to lose interest in it altogether and keep it aside to be read again at a later time. Unfortunately, given the number of applications that a hiring manager had to go through, chances are that will never happen and your resume is unlikely to ever get read. 

What Should You Include in a Cover letter Customer Service?

A cover letter should specifically address and draw attention to key points in the resume. In addition to a brief explanation of your areas of relevant knowledge and expertise, it should also include concise details of your experience in that specific job field. A cover letter customer service should specifically speak of your expertise and experience in this particular field.

After the customer salutations, write one sentence introducing yourself and stating what is the job position you are applying for. Then move straight into explaining your background, skills and experience. Mention any awards or targets that you achieved and state firmly that you are sure that you are capable of helping the company achieve their goals and you will strive to do your best towards this end. Think of the cover letter as a means of advertising yourself. Then end the letter saying you would appreciate the opportunity to meet up and exchange ideas. Don’t forget to provide your phone number, email address and postal address so that you are reachable should the potential employers decide that they would like to get in touch with you and arrange a face to face interview.

A Few Final Thoughts

Be confident and assertive when writing out your cover letter customer service. Don’t beg and plead for the job and sell yourself short. Just remember, the company needs you as much as you need them. 

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