The Ins And Outs Of Writing A Customer Service Cover Letter

Customer Service Cover LetterPeople who work in customer service departments in companies around the world are, in effect, the face of the companies for which they work. Any customer who wishes to contact the company, to purchase an item or request help with something will turn to the customer service representatives of the company. Thus, more than anything, someone applying for a job in the customer service department will be expected to excel, at the very least, in presenting themselves. And the first area in which you will have to do so is in the customer service cover letter that you send in together with your job application.

What Exactly is a Cover Letter?

For those unfamiliar with the cover letter, it constitutes the first page of your resume, and while your resume will consist mostly of various certificates and statements of your achievements, the tone of the cover letter is much more similar to the spoken form. Your customer service cover letter will have to convey, in summary, all of the necessary traits in a customer service representative that you possess and also short elaborations as to why you want the job and why it should be awarded to you.

What to Include in Your Customer Service Cover Letter

The most important parts of your customer service cover letter that you must not neglect to include are the reasons why you want to work in customer service, exactly what you think makes you suitable for the job, and just how the company should apply that in deciding to award that particular job to you.

Many people find this part difficult to write, because society teaches us to be modest. So when we are required to sell ourselves the best of our ability, we falter and end up sounding overly timid and unconfident. A good general rule of thumb to follow when writing this part of your cover letter is, when reading what you have written, if it does not sound like you are blowing your own horn, then you have not been nearly forceful enough in showing your prospective employers exactly why they should employ you in their customer service department.

Making it Shine

You must make your customer service cover letter a shining example of just how good you are at dealing with people and bringing them around to your point of view. You must do so in the way that you sell yourself and attempt to convince the person reading your cover letter that you are, in fact, the one and only person suited for this particular job opening.

In order to do this well, you not only need to sell yourself but you also need to do so without coming across as overly arrogant. This might seem like asking the complete opposite of selling yourself, but the key lies in being able to phrase your pitch in such a way as to make it sound eminently reasonable and believable. This is the true mark of a master of customer service and if are able to show that in your customer service cover letter, you definitely put yourself in a good position to be awarded whatever job you apply for.

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