Why Use A Customer Service Resume Example?

If you are planning on applying for a job in customer service, you need a resume that is targeted to the position. In addition to having a dynamic personality, an individual working in customer service is required to have some knowledge about various aspects including financial services, insurance, customer durables and retail. Your resume will have to reflect all of this. If you have never written one before, it is best to first check out a customer service resume example.

A Customer Service Resume Example Gives You the Competitive Edge

A customer service resume needs to have something special in it that will make it stand out and catch the eye of the person reading it. It needs to showcase your talents and potential to your employers and have the right combination of achievements, skill and experience. Additionally, it should talk about sales figures and targets you have attained and any new schemes you initiated in customer service. Written properly, this will give you the competitive edge over the other candidates applying for the same position. This is where a customer service resume example can help you score.

How to Use a Customer Service Resume Example

When you do a search online you will find lots of customer service resume examples. Check them out and shortlist a few that best describe your personal skills, achievements and experience. Take a look at the format and how each of these aspects is laid out in the example. When reading the various examples, you will know instinctively, which sounds the most impressive. Once you have the found your customer service resume example, it’s now to adapt it to suit your unique traits.

One of the most important things you need to keep in mind about using a customer service resume example is that you should never use it as is. Remember that just like you, all other potential candidates have access to these examples, which means there is every likelihood that the hiring manager is going to immediately recognize that you lifted off your resume directly from the internet. This is definitely not going to go down well and your resume will more likely than not end up in the ‘not interesting’ heap.

Fonts, Formats & More

No matter what position you are applying for, when drafting out any resume, there are a few points that you will need to pay special attention to. The most important is the choice of font and the font size. Avoid using any of the fancy fonts. It is best to stick to the basic fonts such as Times New Roman or Arial and in a size that is readable and professional. Sizes 12 and 14 work best. Remember to keep your spacing even throughout the resume for a more professional look.

A Final Thought

Adding a personal touch to the customer service resume example takes it from the realm of the generic and makes it truly yours. It gives it that much needed personality that makes it stand out from all others and is sure to land you the coveted job.

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