How to Write a CNA Resume Objective

Writing an objective statement for your resume can sometimes be difficult. You want this statement to be powerful and grab the eye of the reader. For a CNA resume objective, you will need to focus on a statement that shows your skills, training, and your desire to work hard. For example, a good objective statement for a CNA resume might be, “To be a certified nursing assistant in a patient oriented health facility.”

One thing to remember, though, is that you should not copy and paste an objective statement that you find on someone else’s resume online. Create your own and make it specifically fit your needs.

Define Your Resume

This type of CNA resume objective clearly lets the reader know what type of job you are looking for and in what type of hospital. However, the rest of your resume must be just as effective at describing what your education, skills, qualifications, and job history are all about. Each part of the resume should detail specific information about you. While the formats can vary, most of these types of resumes will start with the objective statement.

Defining your CNA resume objective letter can also help set the tone for the rest of your resume. It’s important that your resume is professional in both tone and appearance. If your objective statement sounds professional and contains no errors in spelling or grammar, it starts the resume off right. The reader will get hopefully get the right impression of you from the start.

The Rest of Your CNA Resume

The rest of your resume should include highlights from your work, such as your accomplishments and achievements. Use bullet points and numbers to draw the reader’s attention to these parts of your resume. Whenever possible, choose these statements based upon their relevance to the type of job you are seeking.

When listing your job history, try to show a progressive line of increasing responsibility, even if it was something rather small. This shows potential employers that you do your job well. If you haven’t had a solid job history, then you may want to use one of the functional formats for your resume. This format functions more on your skills than it does on your job history. You will still need a CNA resume objective statement with this format.

You should list any certifications you have, as this will let the interviewer know if you have the qualifications they need for their job openings. Since a CNA is a “certified nursing assistant,” the pay and responsibility is higher than for an uncertified nursing assistant.

In Closing

A CNA resume objective statement will define your goals for your career. It should be clear and concise, with no errors. It helps set the tone of the resume for the reader and will immediately let him or her know if they have an opening available that you’re qualified for. Make sure the rest of the resume is just as well written in order to have the best chance at getting a call for an interview. Best wishes in your job search!

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