Thank You Letter After Interview Email – Tips to Make Sure You Are Remembered

While most people think of a thank you letter after interview email as a gesture of courtesy, it’s actually much more than that. It is in fact a chance for you to leave the interviewer with a great final impression. When written properly, this email can make a difference in whether or not you get the job. Since only about ten percent of all people who are interviewed actually send this thank you letter, you can bet you’ll be one of the few people interviewed that is actually remembered.

Say It Again

One of the best benefits of a thank you letter after interview email is that you can reiterate your best qualities. While you do want to offer a courteous thank you for the chance to interview with the company, you also want to show why you are a good choice for the open position. Take a moment and think about which of your skills, qualities, and training best meet the needs of the company in terms of the job. Those are what you want to focus on in your thank you letter. Let the employer see that why they should hire you and what you bring with you.

Not too Long and Not too Short

A thank you letter after interview email does not need to be a complete recap of your resume and cover letter. However, it does need to be at least three to four paragraphs long. The first paragraph should include your thanks for the interview, as well as few things that you liked about the company. This should be something that you learned during the interview. The next paragraph is where you want to grab the reader’s attention. Focus on those skills mentioned above and why you want to work for the company. The next paragraph should let the interviewer know that you are still interested in the job opening. You don’t want there to be any doubt. You may want to add another paragraph if you forget to mention some things in the interview that you feel were important.

How to Close the Letter

You will want to close the thank you letter after interview email with another mention of why you are a good choice for the job, a thank you for the interview, and your email address and phone number. This will allow the interviewer to contact you quickly and hopefully, it is with an offer of a job! Once you’ve proofread the letter carefully, make sure you have the right email address and the correct spelling of the interviewer’s name. Only use email if you have previously received correspondence from the company regarding the interview. If not, then you should either send your letter by traditional mail or hand deliver it.

A Final Thought

A thank you letter after interview email only takes a few minutes to compose, but it can have an effect on your chances at landing the job. It is also only polite and courteous!

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