Law Enforcement Cover Letter – Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Writing a cover letter for any profession can be difficult. Sometimes, the words just elude you. However, a law enforcement cover letter is often the first impression that an agency will get of you. It has to effectively bring your training, experience, qualifications, and skills to light in a concise manner. Below, you’ll find some tips for creating a professional cover letter that will grab the interest of the reader and get you noticed.

Do Your Research

The beginning of your law enforcement cover letter should explain your intentions, such as whether you are interested in a full time or part time position. Also, you may want to list where you heard that there is an opening within the agency. However, it’s also important to list a couple of interesting points about the department. This shows that you did a bit of research before blindly applying.

Bullets and Numbers Are Essential

Bullet statements and numbers are essential in a law enforcement cover letter. This helps draw the attention of the reader. Include specific accomplishments, skills, or training. You can use up to five bullet statements and you should include numbers and percentages whenever possible. Quantifying your accomplishments gives the interviewer a clear picture of what you are capable of when doing your job.

Express Your Interest Definitively

You want the reader to know that you are very interested in work for this specific agency. You should never send a generic law enforcement cover letter. Instead, personalize it with reasons why you feel you are a good fit for this department. Law enforcement agencies get hundreds of applicants and you have to do what you can to make sure you stand out among the masses.

Make It Look Professional

You may wonder how to format your law enforcement resume so that it looks as professional as possible. First, use common business fonts like Times New Roman. You should also keep the font sizes at either 10 or 12. Don’t go any smaller because it makes the cover letter difficult to read. Keep your letter to one page. Format it as you would any other business correspondence and proofread it carefully for errors. Spelling, grammar and punctuation errors can be an immediate cause for dismissal for many positions. Have someone else read through the letter to see if changes are needed.

Include Your Contact Information

If you are not using a letterhead, then you need to make sure your contact information is included in your law enforcement cover letter. You can either include your phone number and email address in the last line or in the signature block of the letter.

In Closing

A law enforcement cover letter can be the perfect way to introduce yourself and it will give the reader a sense of your accomplishments, training, and skills. In today’s competitive job market, it’s important that you do everything you can to stand out from the other applicants. This is a good way to start.

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