5 Reasons To Send A Thank You Email after Interview

One of the best self-marketing tools that you have during a job search is the thank you email after interview. Even though only about ten percent of all job seekers send this email, employers take notice of those who do. A well-written thank you letter completes your interview on a high note and in today’s competitive job market, that’s important. Here are five other reasons to create a thank you letter that will have a great impact on potential employers.

#1 Reconnect with Employers

Most companies interview many candidates for one position. Writing an effective thank you email after interview allows you to develop a rapport with the interviewer. You can recap the highlights of the interview, while expressing your thanks for the meeting. It also gives you a chance to state the reasons why you feel you’re a good fit for the company.

#2 Keep Your Name Fresh In Their Mind

You have to remind interviewers about your meeting and your qualifications. Sometimes, job seekers simply feel that the interviewer will remember them. This is not always the case. You need to remind the interviewer that you are interested in the opening and there is no better way to do so than in a thank you mail after interview.

#3 You Can “Toot Your Own Horn”

One of the purposes of a thank you email after interview is to show your gratitude for getting the meeting in the first place. However, it is also an opportunity for you to repackage your accomplishments and skills and present it to the employer. While you cannot include everything that’s on your resume, you do want to pull out the most important points.

#4 Address What You Forgot Earlier

A thank you email after interview gives you a chance to address anything that you might have forgotten to say during the interview. This might include an accomplishment or achievement from your last job. You can add these to your thank you letter so the interviewer gets the full picture of you.

5. It’s Only Polite!

One of the reasons why a thank you email after interview is important is because it’s polite. Saying thank you is often overlooked nowadays, but employers do notice those that take the time to do so. It also shows that you finish what you start, an attribute that is so coveted in employees today.

In Closing

A thank you email after interview should not be overlooked. It is part of the job search process that will serve you quite well. However, the focus has shifted from simply being courteous in tone to a highly regarded marketing too. You can easily write a letter that helps build rapport and reminds the interviewer of your meeting. Make sure you have the correct email address, title, and spelling of your interviewer’s name. Also, you should send it within 24 hours of the interview, as most companies are filling open positions quickly. Proofread it carefully for any errors and don’t’ attach any files or use an email background. Best wishes in your job hunting endeavors.

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