Creating an Internship Cover Letter that Gets Noticed!

Applying for an internship is probably one of the most important things you’ll do during your time in college. However, it’s an exceptionally competitive arena, as college students everywhere covet an internship to help jumpstart their career. Many will end up working for the same company where they interned at and this is one reason why you must create an internship cover letter that gets you noticed.

No Job History? No Problem!

One of the things that stump most college students is how to write an internship cover letter without any job experience. Don’t worry. There are plenty of things that you can include on your cover letter and most employers realize that only a few college students will have a strong job history.  Most college students have had a job or two in the past, but those jobs haven’t been in the field they wish to pursue a career in. This isn’t a problem. You can make up for a lack of suitable job history by emphasizing your enthusiasm and knowledge about the internship.

Companies know that you want to work as an intern because you want the experience. These companies are looking for the best candidate based upon other aspects besides a job history. Your internship cover letter needs to focus on professionalism, accomplishments, awards, and volunteerism. You should also learn as much about the company before you write your cover letter, too. This will show initiative on your part and will give you some idea of what the company wants to see in their interns.

Academics and Originality

Academic qualifications are very important and you’ll need to showcase yours in the internship cover letter. However, it’s also important that this letter reflects some level of originality and personality. Companies can receive hundreds of cover letters and resumes for one intern position. You must do what you can to make sure yours stands out.

Proofreading Is a Must

If your internship cover letter contains errors in grammar, spelling, or punctuation, it’s likely that it will be rejected very quickly. These are mistakes that are not overlooked and that do not show professionalism. Always have someone else read through your cover letter. When you work on the same letter for a long time, all the words can start to run together. A fresh set of eyes may see some mistakes that you missed. Most colleges have a career center than can also take a look at your cover and make suggestions.

In Closing

Even though you may not have an extensive job history, it’s not a requirement for most internships. What is required, though, is a well written, personable internship cover letter and resume. If your cover letter does not pique the interest of the reader, chances are that your resume may not even be looked at very closely. You have to capture the reader in the first few lines and keep them interested throughout the rest of the letter. Best wishes on your search for the perfect internship!

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