Is It Acceptable to Send an Interview Thank You Email?

There is no doubt that the popularity of the internet and email has dramatically reduced the amount of mail that is processed each day. Instead of hand writing out a thank you letter for an interview, many people are using email. It’s not only much faster, but the sender can almost guarantee that the interview thank you email will actually reach the intended recipient. However, is sending this important letter really something that should be done in an email format?

Snail Mail or Email?

Employers estimate that only ten percent of all applicants actually send an interview thank you email or letter. While the employers are also quick to say that this thank you letter doesn’t always affect who is offered the job, it does show a potential employer that the applicant is detail oriented and courteous. In today’s society, courtesy is often forgotten and employers want to see more of it from their employers.

Sending an interview thank you email is acceptable in some instances. However, if you believe there is enough time to for your thank you letter to arrive via traditional mail, then it’s best to use the post office. Not only is this type of letter received a bit better, it can be handwritten, which is a nice, personal touch.

If you feel that the company will be filling the job quickly and you have received email correspondence from the company when the interview was set up, then email is an acceptable form of communication. An interview thank you email is written in the same way as a regular letter, but there are few things that you need to consider.

Guidelines for Sending an Interview Thank You Email

First, make sure that you don’t have any pictures or backgrounds on your email. Don’t add any attachments, either, unless they are specifically requested from the employer. Many companies today block emails that contain attachments or large back ground files. Your letter may not get to who it needs to get to!

Secondly, you should make sure the name and title of the interviewer is correct. Ask for a business card at the end of the interview. If this isn’t possible, look on the company’s website to see if you can find the information there. Don’t just send the interview thank you email to the Human Resources department. Your interviewer will never see it.

Finally, make sure your email sounds professional and is free from errors. You don’t want to sound as though you are begging for the job, no matter how badly you want it. You should however, convey your continued interest in the job and why you feel you would be a good choice for the position. Proofread your interview thank you email carefully before hitting the “send” button.

In Closing

An interview thank you email may not be as personal as one mail through the postal service. However, it is acceptable today if the above conditions are met. The important thing is just to remember to send this thank you letter. It can make a difference.

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