Tips for Writing an Interview Thank You Letter

When you’ve just finished interviewing for your dream job, there’s nothing you want more than for the phone to ring. In order to increase the chances of that happening, you’ll need to write an effective interview thank you letter. When written correctly, this letter can easily separate you from the competition for the job.

The main point of writing an interview thank you letter is to help you stand out and showcase your best qualities. Most of the other people that interviewed for the job won’t take the time to write this important letter, so make sure you use that your best interests. There are some tips that can help you write this letter so you’ll have the best chance of getting the job.

Write to Each Person You Met With

You should write an interview thank you letter to each person that you met with. Don’t send the same letter because you never who will see it. It would appear very lazy if your interviewers discovered that they all received the same letter. Before leaving an interview, ask for business cards from the interviewers so you can be sure you have the right titles and spellings of their names. It will also give you the correct mailing address.

Email or Snail Mail?

If you’ve received emails from the company about the interview and job opening, then it is fully acceptable to email your thank you letter. You should make sure there are no attachments or strange backgrounds or photos on your email. Many companies block these types of emails and your interview thank you letter might not get to the intended recipient. No matter which way you send the letter, do so within a day of the interview.

Keep It Short and to the Point

Your interview thank you letter should never be more than one page. Keep it short and to the point, but be sure to include your thanks for the interview. You also want to include a couple of positive statements about the company. Your skills and experience that relate directly to the job opening should be included, as well. Use your strongest selling points and mention anything you forgot to say in the interview.

Close the Letter Properly

When closing your interview thank you letter, indicate that you are very interested in the position and that you hope to hear from the company soon. Include your phone number and email, so that it’s easy for the interviewer to contact you. You should make it clear that you are available for a second interview, if needed.

In Closing

An interview thank you letter gives you the chance to present the interviewer with your strongest selling points. It also is a chance for you to mention the things that you might have forgotten during the interview. Take the time to create a letter that is genuine and professional. It may just be what tips the scales in your favor.

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