Thank You Letter For Interview – Is It Really Needed?

Employers estimate that only ten percent of all people interviewed for a job send a thank you letter for interview. This practice has somewhat fallen off in the last few years, but employers also state that they do expect these letters. It not only shows that an applicant is detailed oriented, but also that they will see a job through the end. If you have interviewed for a position with any company, you should send a thank you letter afterwards.

More than Just a Thank You

A thank you letter for interview is more than just saying a quick “thank you” for your interview. It’s a chance for you to make another great impression on the interviewer and help him or her to remember you. You should always start your letter by thanking the person you met with for their time. However, the next couple of paragraphs should include a few important points.

It’s best to include a point or two that you feel is positive about the company. You should also write a line or two about something that you and the interviewer talked about during your meeting. Choose something that will show you’re the best choice for the job. Perhaps they have an upcoming product release that you can help with or are getting a piece of machinery that you already are certified to use. This will help raise your stock as a potential employee and is good to include in your thank you letter for interview.

Include several sentences about how your skills, experience and equipment will best fit into the company. You’re not writing a full resume here, so keep it short and sweet. Focus only on the qualities that will benefit the company. This is what the interviewer wants to see in a thank you letter for interview.

At the End of the Letter

Always make sure your thank you letter for interview conveys your excitement and interest in the job opening. While you do not want to sound like you are begging for a job, you do want to let the interviewer know that this is the job you want. Many interviewers find that people will apply at dozens of companies when they are out of work and accept the first job offer that comes around. You have to make the interviewer see that this particular position is the one that you really want and are interested in. Include your phone number and email address after your name, too, so it’s easy for the interviewer to get in touch with you.

You should send this thank you letter for interview as soon as possible after your meeting. Most experts recommend that you send it within 24 hours. Your letter won’t do you much good when the interviewer receives it days after the position has already been filled. Also, make sure you have the address correct for the interview. You certainly don’t want it returned to you because you didn’t address it properly.

In Closing

A thank you letter for interview only takes a few minutes of your time to write. It could be what tips the scales in your favor. Make sure you proofread it well, as errors will not reflect very well on you.

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