Why You Should Send Thank You Letters after Interview

Getting through an interview can be tough. No one really likes to be put on the hotseat, but like it or not, it is part of the job hunting process. Once you walk out of that interview, you’ll either feel like it went really well or that it didn’t go so good. However, there’s one step left that you really need to complete. You need to send thank you letters after interview.

Why This Is Important

Sending thank you letters after interview isn’t just a courtesy. While you will thank the interviewer for their time, you will also remind the interviewer of your meeting. Anything that you can do to bring your name to the top of the list for the job is what you have to do. Employers estimate that only ten percent of all applicants actually take the time to write this letter. However, it does make a positive impression on potential employers. It shows that you are a detail oriented person who sees things through to the finish. It shows that you understand that it’s only polite to send it. This letter also shows that you want the job and that may be the most important factor of all.

What to Say

Your thank you letters after interview should only be three to four paragraphs. It does not have to be long and rambling; in fact, a concise, well written letter is best. The first paragraph should include your thanks for the interview, but it should also include one or two things that you liked about the company. This might be a new product they are releasing or that the company seems progressive.

The second paragraph of thank you letters after interview should include why you feel your skills and qualifications are a good fit for the position. Include those skills and qualifications that best meet the requirements for the job. It’s your last chance to make a good impression on the interviewer. Now is not the time to include everything that you listed on your resume, but you do want to show why they should hire you.

The final paragraph of thank you letters after interview should include a statement or two about your continued interest in the job. This is your chance to show that you want to work for this company. Don’t appear over anxious or over needy, but do let the company know that you want this job.

How and When to Send It

Thank you letters after interview should be sent within 24 hours after an interview. You want to make sure that it is received before the position is filled. If you have had email communications with the company before your interview, it is acceptable to send this letter via email. However, you want to make sure you have the correct email address, as well as the correct spelling of the interviewer’s name and their title.

A Final Thought

Thank you letters after interview are still important and it can make a difference in whether or not you are offered the job. It does not take long to write these letters and those few minutes can have great results.

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