Why a Thank You Letter after Interview Is So Important

In recent times, the practice of sending a thank you letter after interview has somewhat fallen out of popularity. However, for employers, it’s still an important letter to receive. Only about ten percent of all applicants send this thank you note. Employers see it as the sign of a detailed employee who understands courtesy. Writing this letter doesn’t take long, but you do have to remember a few tips:

Highlight Your Best Qualities

While you want to start your thank you letter after interview with thanking the interviewer for the time to meet with them, you also want to make sure the letter highlights your best qualities. Think of it as another chance to bring your skills and experience into the light. While you do not want to include everything that was in your resume, you do need to make sure you mention those qualities which will best suit the needs of the company.

Mention the Interview

You should mention one or two things that were talked about in the interview. Perhaps you have experience in a specific computer program or you hold an operator’s license for a piece of equipment. You need to mention these points in your thank you letter after interview so that he or she can really remember the meeting between the two of you. The more that you can show why you are a good fit for the company, qualified for the position, and ready to begin, the better chance you will have of getting the job offer.

Mention the Company

It’s also good to mention one or two facts that you know about the company. Perhaps they have just released a product that you really like or started a new division that sounds promising. By mentioning the company in your thank you letter after interview, it shows your interest and initiative into learning as much as you can about a potential employer.

When to Send It

You should send your thank you letter after interview within one day of the interview. More and more companies are filling their open positions quickly because there are so many qualified applicants. You want to get your letter in front of the interviewer as soon as possible. It is not going to do you any good if it arrives after the job has already been filled.

Snail Mail or Email?

If you send your thank you letter after interview by snail mail, you can expect it will take a couple of days to reach the intended recipient. Make sure you address it to the interviewer and not to the human resources department. You should only send the letter by email if you have previously corresponded by email with the interviewer. Make sure you have the right spelling of their name, as well as their proper title.

In Closing

A thank you letter after interview is an important part of the job hunting process. It’s definitely worth your time to send this letter, as it will leave you in a favorable light in a potential employer’s eyes.

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