Temporary Staffing: Why You Should Give It a Chance

If you have never worked for a temporary staffing agency before, you may want to give it a chance. Today’s temporary agencies can offer you a lot of benefits, one of which is that you can still search for a full time job while you are getting a paycheck. It’s not difficult to get hired by a temp agency and here are some reasons why it is so beneficial to many people.

Employers Love Temporary Workers

One of the reasons why companies like to hire from a temporary staffing agency is because they save money. Full time employees usually get a benefit package that can be as much as 30 to 40 percent of the employee’s base income whereas temporary workers do not get permanent employee benefits. The companies can choose those temporary workers who have experience and skills necessary for a specific job. Companies also don’t have to worry as much about harassment lawsuits or wrongful termination as they can simply fire any employee that is not performing as expected.

One downside to temporary employees for employers is that there could be privacy and confidentiality concerns with temporary workers who are not loyal to the company.

Flexible Schedules and Varied Work Environments

For those who enjoy a flexible schedule and varied work environments, then a temporary staffing agency may be just right for you. It some cases, people actually prefer this type of employment. You can fine tune your skills and even learn new ones, all while earning a wage that might be higher or at least comparable to what you would make as a full-time employee.

Possibility of Full Time Employment

If you are looking for permanent work, then you may have the possibility of landing a full-time job through a temporary assignment. Many companies use temporary staffing agencies as a way to evaluate employees. They will offer full time jobs to the temporary workers that exhibit the skills and dedication that will fit will in the company. You can consider it something of a trial period, so put your best foot forward.

How to Get the Most from a Temporary Agency

When applying for work at a temp agency, you should make sure you have your resume ready. It should be a general resume, as you may not know which jobs are actually available. You may need to take a couple of skills test to show employers that you have the experience necessary to complete your job. These might include typing or data entries skills. Do the very best you can on these tests to increase the number of jobs that you are eligible for. The temporary staffing agency can become a great asset that can lead you to full time employment.

A Final Thought or Two

There are many benefits to a temporary staffing agency. You can find the work you need quickly and it can lead into something more. You can find several agencies online, in your local newspaper, and through career centers in your area.

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