Interview Thank You – Three Parts to a Great Letter

One of the problems with the electronic age is that it takes away some of the personalization of just about any type of communication today. Few people take the time to actually write out a letter to a loved one, let alone send an interview thank you letter. Employers estimate that only about ten percent of all applicants send this important letter. Some employers state that this short thank you note shows that a potential employee pays attention to details and finishes what he or she starts. That alone makes it worth your time to write this letter.

There are three main parts to an interview thank you letter.

First Part:

The first part is the actual “thank you” part. You don’t want to seem “gushing,” but you do want to show your thanks for getting a chance to meet with the company’s representative. Mention one or two positive things that you learned about the company during your interview. If you cannot remember anything off hand, take a moment to find something online.

Second Part:

The second part of an interview thank you is your resume highlights. You don’t want to make this a long paragraph, but it should contain your best qualities. These should be parts of your skills and experience that will fulfill a need for the company. Make these few sentences show that you are the best choice for the open position. This will help you stand out in the mind of the interviewer. You should also mention something that was talked about during your interview.

Third Part:

The last part of the interview thank you is important, too. You want to let the interviewer know that you are still quite interested in the position and that you look forward to hearing from the company about their decision. Let them know that you are able to provide any documentation that they may need or any other tasks they deem necessary.

One point to note is that you don’t want to appear too desperate. Every company today is aware of how many people are in need of employment. Making a case for yourself by listing all your bills and other obligations is not suggested.

When to Send Your Letter

You should send an interview thank you within 24 hours of your interview. It’s easiest to send it through email, but you should only use email if you have received email correspondence from the company before the interview. Remember, that many companies are filling their job openings quickly, so don’t forget to get this one in the hands of your interviewer as soon as possible.

A Few Final Thoughts

An interview thank you note is a very important part of the interview process. While many applicants don’t take the time to send it, employers do notice and it does make a difference. In some cases, it could be what tips the scales in your favor in a close decision. Make sure you take the time to proofread it carefully. An error is not the impression you want to leave the interviewer with.

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