Writing an Interview Thank You Email that Really Makes an Impact

When you sit down to write your interview thank you email, what first goes through your mind? If you are like most people, you simply want to finish off this task and be done with this job hunting process! That’s all right – but you may be selling yourself a bit short. While you should give yourself a pat or two on the back because you made it to the interview stage, you can still add up some “bonus points” with a well written thank you letter after your interview.

Is It Proper to Use an Email Format?

Email is acceptable if you have received correspondence from the company in such a manner before the interview. Many companies are only using email now to set up interviews or to request further documentations. However, there are a few things that you should remember when sending an interview thank you email.

First, don’t use attachments. In an attempt to thwart viruses on their servers, most companies are blocking emails that contain attachments.

Secondly, you should also avoid sending emails with pictures or digitized backgrounds, such as for email stationary. This can result in an email that loads slowly and the recipient may choose to just close out of it.
Finally, do not copy your email to multiple recipients. Even if you interviewed with more than one person, you shouldn’t send the same email out as a thank you.

Make the Most of Your Last Chance to Impress

While the purpose of an interview thank you email is to thank the interviewer for meeting with you, it’s also a great time to remind him or her why you are a great choice for the job. You should consider this as your last chance to make a great impression.
This letter should begin with your thanks, but quickly move onto a couple of specifics that were talked about during the interview. Next, use a short paragraph to concisely state your qualifications, skills, and experience that will best suit the job requirements. Highlight your best qualities, but remember to keep this letter rather short – three paragraphs or so.

Convey Your Continued Interest

One of the most frustrating things that an interviewer has to deal with is making a decision on who to hire, only to find out they are no longer interested in the job. This happens more frequently than you might think. Some applicants take a position with another company and others simply decide that the job isn’t what they thought it would be once they got into the interview. Whatever the reason, if you are not interested any longer, make sure you let the company know. The same goes if you are still interested. Let the interviewer know in your interview thank you email that you would be very interested in working for their company.

In Closing

An interview thank you email is more than just a show of courtesy. It’s a chance for you to showcase your best talents and make sure the interviewer remembers you favorably above the other applicants.

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