Why You Should Write a Thank You Letter after Job Interview

If you ask a potential employer why they like to receive a thank you letter after job interview, you might get a variety of responses. Some appreciate the courtesy, while others believe that it shows thoroughness for doing a job correctly. In some cases, not sending this letter could actually hurt your chances for getting the job. There are a few tips that you should know in order to create an effective job interview thank you letter.

Make Sure It Gets to the Interviewer

You would be surprised how many employers say they receive a thank you letter after job interview days or weeks after the meeting. This isn’t in your best interest. You should send this letter within 24 hours of your interview.

If you are sending it by email, it is important that you have the email address correctly, as well as the interviewer’s name and title. If you are not sure how to spell his or her name, don’t just guess at it. Instead, check out the company website or give the receptionist a call. It’s quite an embarrassing error to have a misspelling like that. In addition, avoid adding attachments to your email. Some companies block these emails and they never reach the intended recipient.

Keep the Tone Professional and Courteous

While the purpose of a thank you letter after job interview is to thank the interviewer for his or her time, you also want to use this chance to highlight some of your best qualities. While this letter should be short and concise, it should contain a paragraph or two about your skills and qualifications that can be of the most benefit to the company. You also want to mention something that was talked about during the interview, as this can help the interviewer remember your meeting a little easier.

Keep the tone of the letter professional. This means that while this may be the job you’ve always dreamed of, you do not want to appear needy. Today, employers are all too familiar with how many people are out of work and how many desperately need a job. You don’t want to appear to be that desperate person.

Make Sure You Convey Your Continued Interest

Some people find out that they really do not want a particular job after they have interviewed for it. While there is certainly nothing wrong with this, you do want to let the interviewer know in your thank you letter after job interview that you are still very interested in the job. The interviewer will know that you will most likely accept a position with the company if it is offered.

In Closing

A thank you letter after job interview is an important step in the job hunting process. It shows that you follow through with what you start and that you are courteous and detail oriented. Employers appreciate this. Anything you can do to put yourself is a positive light is really a plus in today’s competitive marketplace.

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