Job Interview Thank You Letter – What to Do When You Have Multiple Interviews

Have you ever applied for a job, only to go through two or three interviews in the hiring process? This can be very stressful. When you do interview several times, what do you do about the job interview thank you letter? Should you send one after each interview or should you wait till you have finished with all the interviews? The answer is yes, and although it’s probably not really what you wanted to hear, it is important.

Should You Send It Through Email?

If you have received correspondence from the potential employer by email, then it’s acceptable to send your job interview thank you letter this way, too. However, there are a few tips that can help you.

1. First, make sure you have the email address for the interviewer, as well as the proper spelling and title of the interviewer. Avoid adding attachments to the email, as many companies block these types of emails.

2. Next, send it within 24 hours of the interview. It won’t do you any good if you send it after they have already filled the position.

3. Finally, make sure the subject line reads “Manager Interview – Thank You.” This may help ensure that the email is actually read.

Sending the Same Letter

It is not advisable to send the same job interview thank you letter for multiple recipients. Your thank you letter should be unique for the interview you just completed. You want to mention a couple of things that you talked about during the interview, as well as something you like about the company. Many times, the thank you email is printed out and placed in your application and interview file. You don’t want to have multiple copies of the same email in there for everyone to see. Take the time to create a genuine, unique thank you letter.

What to Say in Your Thank You Letter

Each time your write a job interview thank you letter, it will get easier. You will soon find that it only takes you a few minutes to complete it. Besides including a few great points about the company the interview, though, you also want to include a few of your best skills and qualifications. Remind the interviewer why you are a great choice for the job. Do not put anything negative in this letter, such as “I know I don’t have all the training you wanted, but.” Instead, focus only on your best qualities.

Make sure you also let the interviewer know that you are still interested in the position. Some people decide after the first interview that they really don’t want the job. It’s a waste of everyone’s time to continue in the hiring process. Letting a potential company know that you are still interested is very important.

In Closing

A job interview thank you letter should be sent after every interview, even if you have met with the same person before. It is not only a courtesy, but it shows attention to detail and your continued interest in the position. Make sure you proofread it well, so there are no errors in spelling, punctuation, or grammar.

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