Should You Send a Thank You Email after Interview?

It’s often difficult for today’s internet savvy people to think about actually sending a letter through regular mail! Email is so much faster, but is it a good choice to send a thank you email after interview? While there are a few considerations, there are times when it is perfectly acceptable to use this format for your thank you letter. Below, you will find some tips on when to use your email account, what to say, and when to stick with the regular postal service.

How Has the Company Contacted You?

During the application process, a potential employer may have contacted you via snail mail, phone, or email. However, unless you have received email communications regarding your interview, then you should not send a thank you email after interview. You should send it by regular mail or drop it off in person. For those that travel long distances for an interview, bring your laptop, find a library, and print off a thank you letter. Drop it off before you leave town.

Sending a thank you email after interview is quite acceptable if you have had email communication; however, if you have only received emails from Human Resources, it is not. You need to have a current email address for the person you will interview with. In many cases, the person interviewing you will not be the one that sets up the time and date for the meeting. If this is your situation, stick with sending a letter through the regular post office.

If You Do Send an Email…

When sending a thank you email after interview, you will need to ensure that you have the correct spelling and title of your interviewer. If you are not sure, don’t guess. It’s best to get a business card during or after the interview, but if not, you might check with the receptionist. A website for the company might also give you the information you need. This letter won’t do you a bit of good if it’s sent to the wrong person or an invalid email account.

Remember to mention one or two things that you liked about the company, as well as something that was talked about during the interview. In addition, you should highlight your skills, experience, and qualifications that best suit the job you interviewed for. This is a chance to make remind the interviewer why you are a good choice for the opening and a good fit for the company. Don’t forget to emphasize your continued interest in the job.

Your Last Chance to make a Favorable Impression

Your thank you email after interview is your last chance to make a favorable impression on the interviewer. Keep the tone of the letter professional and send it within 24 hours of your interview. Many companies are hiring for their open position within a very short amount of time after the interview process. You do not want your letter to arrive after a decision has already been made. Best of luck in your job hunting pursuits.

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