The Importance of Including Names of Prior Employers on Your Resume

Prior work experience is always a good thing for anyone to include on their resume, as it will demonstrate that you have the necessary skills as well as the time to understand the job which you are applying for.  Whether you are looking for a job which is a step up from what you currently have or one that will challenge you more, showing where you have come from should always be an important part of your resume.  In addition to simply mentioning the kind of experience you’ve had, you should also include the actual names of prior employers on your resume for added impact.

Why Are Company Names Needed?

You may question why including the names of prior employers on your resume may be so important.  There are a few different answers to this question.  One of them includes the fact that employers will naturally want to do some research on anyone who they are hiring to make sure that they are as good as they say they are.  Some employers will also go so far as to contact a potential employee’s former companies to see how good of a worker they are likely to be.  This could be a scary thought for some individuals, although most companies will be more thankful that an employee was upfront about this scenario rather than trying to hide it.

There will also be circumstances where hiring companies are using a recruiter to help them find potential new employees.  These companies may be looking for people who have specific experience in their field, which is where listing your former company names can come in handy.  Larger companies may be looking for people who have experience at their rival companies, which is where you may get a leg up over the other types of competition.  The better that you are able to sell yourself, the more likely you will be to get the job.

Your Experience is an Important Quality

While there will be cases where a company may hire a less experienced person for the job, this is rarely the case.  In case a less qualified person is hired, that person will still almost certainly have high education levels, making them qualified for certain reasons.  You are going to want to sell yourself as much as possible when hunting for a new job, which is why listing specific examples of past job experience will be recommended.  That can help you to become a more attractive candidate to any recruiter or hiring employer.  Ultimately, it can help you land the job that you want.

Once you figure out how you can best sell your past job experience, you can use this to your advantage to make sure that you are as desirable a candidate for the job as you can possibly be.  The job market is a difficult one to break into, so you will need to sell yourself the best you can.  That means using every advantage that you can get, especially in the names of the companies who you worked for in the past.  In the end, it can be this single factor that helps you stand out better and get that job.

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