Writing a Thank You Letter for Interview

After the interview is over, you will probably experience a bit of relief. These meetings can be quite stressful and most people will leave the interview feeling either very confident or rather down in the dumps. You can usually tell how well an interview progressed, but you should know that no mater how well it went for you, there are several other potential candidates for whom the interviews will go just as well. One of the things you can do to earn a few much needed brownie points is to write a thank you letter for interview. This will ensure that you leave your interviewer with the best possible impression.

When and Where to Send It

You should send this letter within one day of your interview. Some people have communicated with the potential employer via email and will use this format to send their thank you letter for interview. Others should use the regular postal service. Still more will drop their letter off in person. Make sure you send it to the right person. This should be the person you actually interviewed with, not to the department or to human resources.

In addition, make sure you have the recipient’s name and title correct. Nothing is worse than getting the spelling of the person’s name wrong. See if you can get a business card during your interview or ask the receptionist on your way out. You could check the company’s website, but not everyone is always listed there.

What to Say in your Thank You Letter for Interview

You should begin your thank you letter for interview with your thanks for the interviewer’s time. Next, mention a couple of things that really impressed you about the company. This will show that you paid attention. You can use the next paragraph to again highlight your skills, experience, and qualifications. Choose these carefully, as you do not want to include everything that was on your resume.

You should also mention one or two things that you and the interviewer talked about during the interview. This will help him or her to remember you and your interview. End the letter with a statement showing your continued interest in the job opening, the complimentary closing, your name, phone number, and email address.

Formatting Options

If you are sending the thank you letter for interview via email, make sure to remove any images and don’t send any attachments. Many companies block these emails and you don’t want your email to go unread. If you are sending this letter by regular mail, make sure to use a good quality paper and envelope. Print the names and addresses on the envelope, instead of handwriting them. Keep the letter looking professional.

A Few Final Thoughts

Make sure you proofread your thank you letter for interview carefully. You do not want errors in spelling, grammar, or punctuation to leave a bad impression. If possible, you should have someone else read through the letter, too, as they may catch an error that you missed. Try not to sound needy in this letter. The companies that are hiring today understand that everyone who is interviewing for the position needs the job.

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