How to Write Multiple Thank You Letters after Interviews

With many job openings today, you may have to go through several interviews with different people. Writing multiple thank you letters after interviews is an important part of the job hunting process. While it would seem that a generic thank you letter would be quite acceptable, each person that you interviewed with should receive an original letter.

How to Write Multiple Thank You Letters

When you have interviewed with several people, you will need to send each one a separate thank you letter. It can be hard to remember the names of everyone you have interviewed with. The best piece of advice is to get business cards from your interviewers, if possible. If not, then you may want to speak with the receptionist after your interview. Get the correct spelling of their names, their titles, and the correct address. You can probably see why it would not look very good if you spelled your interviewers’ names wrong! This is the first step in writing multiple thank you letters after interviews.

It is not that difficult to change up your thank you letters after interviews so that they can be tailored to each person. As soon as you leave the interview, try to make a few quick notes about the interview, such as some of the specific things that were spoken about, questions that were asked, and which person appeared to be in charge. These will be the things you can include in your thank you letter. The more you remember, the more you will have to put in the different letters so they won’t seem the same.

You should try to make a list of things that you like about the company. These may be some that you learned before or after your interview. While you don’t want to go on and on about how wonderful the company is, you do want to make sure that it appears as if you have done your homework. Some people make the mistake of trying to appear a bit too needy in their thank you letters after interviews. They focus on trying to convince their interviewers how much they need this position. The interviewers understand that this is a difficult time for millions of people. However, don’t forget the company will keep their best interests at heart. It is a good idea to keep the tone of the letter professional and courteous.

Additional Tips

Some tips for writing thank you letters after interviews are quite basic. For example, make sure you check your letters for errors in punctuation, grammar, and spelling. Even a simple error can look rather bad. You should always keep a professional tone in your letters and make sure they look professional, as well. If you are not sending these letters by email, then make sure you use a high quality paper. Don’t forget to sign the letters, too, if you are using traditional mail. Don’t simply use the same letter to all the interviewers and don’t copy a thank you email to all of them, either. These are just a few additional tips to make writing this important letter easier.

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