Military Resume Examples – Learn How to List Your Military Service

You can learn a lot from military resume examples that you find online. Often these examples are used to determine how to list your military service. There are a few tips that will help you create a resume that highlights your service in the military, but also many of the other qualities and characteristics that will get your resume noticed.

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Listing Your Training:

Everyone in the military has completed basic training of some sort or another. In most cases, it’s not necessary to put this training on your resume. Most military resume examples will contain any type of additional training that you received. These schools are often called by a variety of names, depending on the branch of the military. From the Army’s AIT to the Air Force’s technical schools, the abbreviations and acronyms can be confusing. When listing your education, training and experience, avoid using these shortcuts. More than likely, a potential employer won’t understand the meaning, so you’ve lost what otherwise might be a very positive point.

Listing Your Awards and Medals:

Most military resume examples will also show you how to list the awards and medals that you received during your service. If you have spent many years in the military, you may have quite a variety of medals and awards. List the top medals and awards first. If you have room once you have finished your resume, then you can add more of them if you like. Remember that a resume should only be one page and there aren’t many exceptions to this rule.

Formatting Options:

Most military resume examples will show you how to properly format your resume. A professional image is necessary. Use traditional fonts and font sizes, such as a 12 point Times New Roman font. One inch margins give you plenty of space on the page. A high quality resume paper also helps make a good impression. If the military is the only job that you have had, then you may want to consider using a functional resume. This allows you to focus on your skills and qualifications, instead of a variety of jobs. If you have several jobs to list, including the military, then a chronological resume may be a good choice. However, if you have had several jobs for only a short time each, then you may want to a type of resume that combines both the function and the chronological format. The examples that you find online will be able to show you how each type differs. It can make a big difference in how your resume looks and reads.

A Final Thought…

Your military career can be a strong hiring point for many companies. It’s important to use military resume examples to help you create a resume that really highlights this service. Proper formatting is also necessary. Keep your resume looking professional and to one page in length. Don’t be afraid to list some of your awards and medals, as well. Best of luck!

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