Should You Send a Post Interview Thank You Letter?

When employers were asked in a recent survey how many applicants sent a post interview thank you letter, the results were rather surprising. It’s estimated that only about ten percent of all applicants send this piece of correspondence after an interview. However, employers did say that this letter does make a difference. While it may not be a deciding factor in whom they hire for a job, it does help the employer remember an interviewee and their skills much easier. Think of it as your last chance to make a good impression on the interviewer.

Highlight Your Best Qualities

A post interview thank you lettercan be used to highlight your best qualities. While you do want to thank the interviewer for their time, you also want to take a moment to remind him or her of your skills, experience, and qualifications. It can often be hard to figure out exactly what you want to say in this letter. You don’t want to include all of the information that you had in your resume or cover letter. Instead, focus on the particular skills that this job will entail. Perhaps you are familiar with a specific piece of equipment and the company is in need of someone to operate it. Whatever you can say to show that you will be a good asset to the company is recommended.

Keep the Letter Professional

The tone of a post interview thank you letter should be professional. It should be written in a traditional business letter format. You don’t want to include attachments, as many companies are now blocking emails with unknown attachments. You should also avoid adding images to your emails, odd stationary backgrounds, and other elements that can cause the email to open slowly. A simple email, with no background, and traditional fonts are what will keep your email looking professional.

Send It Quickly

You should send your post interview thank you letter within 24 hours of your interview. Some companies will make the hiring decisions very quickly, while others may take weeks to determine who is going to fill that spot. Get this letter written, proofread it thoroughly, and send it. That way, it’s all over and done with, leaving the rest of the process up to the company.

Common Mistakes

There are some rather common mistakes that people make when it comes to a post interview thank you letter. The first is that they do not keep the tone of the letter professional. The second is that they do not proofread it well. You don’t want to leave your interviewer with the impression that you cannot spell or communicate well. Finally, some people want to express just how badly they need the job. Employers know that people need work and they are aware that the job market is quite competitive at the money. It’s not to your best interest to sound needy or to plead with the interviewer for the job.

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