Is It Proper to Send a Thank You Letter after Interview Email?

It wasn’t until the last few years that email has become an accepted method for job applicants to communicate with potential companies. Many job hunters are still somewhat leery of sending their information by email. However, there is one rule that you should use when it comes to sending a thank you letter after interview email. If the company representative has contacted you by email before your interview, then it is perfectly acceptable to send an email to say thank you.

Address Your Email Properly

One of the most common mistakes that people make when sending a thank you letter after interview email is that they send it to the general company address and it ends up with the wrong person. Many will send it to a general Human Resources email. Let’s face it – that thank you email will probably never reach the right person. Others may send it to someone in charge of the department that the opening falls under. Again – chances are that email will not make it to the interviewer either. Unless you have an email that will go directly to the person you interviewed with, it is better to send your thank you letter by regular mail.

Pay attention during your interview. You should know whom you are meeting and what their job title is. Look for a business card in the reception area or ask for one before you leave. This will give you the correct spelling of the interviewer’s name and hopefully, their email address, as well. Don’t just assume that you know how to spell in the interviewer’s name. Many times, email addresses are shortened forms of a person’s name. A misspelling on your thank you letter after interview email is not going to be a point in your favor. If you can’t figure out the correct spelling, then check out the company’s website or call the company directly.

Include a Few Key Points

You should include a positive statement or two about the company. This might be something that you learned during your interview or something you found online. You should also mention one or two things that you and the interviewer spoke about during your meeting. This will help the interviewer remember exactly who you are. Don’t forget to include a line or two about your skills and qualifications, either. This really is your last chance to impress the interviewer. As a final point, make sure you let the interviewer know in the thank you letter after interview email that you are still very much interested in the job opening.

Some Final Thoughts

A thank you letter after interview email is quite appropriate when there has been previous communications regarding your application process. Don’t just assume that the emails you have received regarding your interview are from the person who interviewed you. You want to ensure that the person who actually met with you is who receives your thank you email. You never know – it could be the gentle nudge in your direction that gives you the job!

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