Do You Really Need to Send a Job Thank You Letter?

During the past few years, the art of letter writing has certainly fallen by the wayside. With technology today, everyone is talking on their cell phones, texting back and forth, and sending emails to anyone they might know (and some people they don’t!) You may feel as though a job thank you letter is not something that’s really required any longer. The truth is that only about ten percent of job applicants take the time to write this letter. However, employers say that this letter does make a favorable impression and it’s not one that is taken for granted.

What to Say in This Important Letter

When you first start to write a job thank you letter, you may feel as though there is not much to say past the obligatory “thank you.” However, consider this letter as your last chance to make a favorable impression. You should include a couple of positive points about the company, preferably something you learned during the interview. Work in a sentence or two about a topic that you and interviewer talked about during your meeting. This will help the interviewer remember who you are. Today, there might be two dozen or more interviews for one opening.

You must do what you can to make sure you are remembered.

You can also include a couple of sentences in your job thank you letter about your skills and experience. You do not want to include your entire resume listing again, but highlighting the qualities that will best suit the job is best. This is a chance for you to include why these specific qualities would be a benefit to the company. Don’t sell yourself short, but don’t appear to be arrogant, either. There is a fine line between the two.

Another important thing to include in your job thank you letter is that you are still very interested in the job. Many interviewers have offered a job opening to an applicant, only to find out that the applicant is no longer interested. Make sure you include a sentence or two about how you are still interested in the job and that you hope to hear from the interviewer soon.

What to Avoid in This Important Letter

The economy has more people in the job market than ever before. The employers are well aware of how badly people need a job. Your job thank you letter is not the place to beg for the job or to try and make the interviewer feel guilty if you’re not the one they choose. Keep your letter professional and don’t whine. It’s really not a good move for you.

In Closing:

A job thank you letter is an important part of the job hunting process. You may feel as though no one really reads these letters, but that could not be farther from the truth. Make sure you proofread your letter well, as you certainly do not want a spelling or grammar error to be the last impression the interviewer has of you.

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