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Writing a Strong Resume Cover Letter

If a job opening is particularly strong, there are going to be a wide selection of applicants to that job sending in their resumes. Getting that job yourself is going to require you to stand out above all of the others and prove that you will be the best person that can be hired to fill the position. You can do this with a particularly strong cover letter, one that shows how passionate you are about this job opening and will convey exactly how you intend to be the best possible match for the company.

What Makes a Cover Letter Strong?

The strongest cover letters all need to perform in a few key ways. You need to show the company that you are knowledgeable about their operations. You will also need to demonstrate that you have the qualifications that make you the best candidate for the job. It will also be important to do this in a very limited amount of space, as cover letters are designed to serve as a front-runner to your resume, which should expound on all of the ways in which you are qualified for the job. If your cover letter is shorter, there is a better chance that it will be read instead of simply glanced at.

Great cover letters will also show a taste of your personality within. If this personality can convey that you have a great deal of enthusiasm about the job, you should have a better chance of at least being called back for an interview. Employers want people, who are going to bring something significant to the table. Excitement about a new job denotes a strong work ethic, which is one of the most valuable traits that any employee can have.

How Do You Achieve This?

You can focus on all of these qualities in your cover letter, when you craft it in a very particular way. A strong opening is the best bet to a great cover letter, as it should grab the reader's attention. If you directly state that you understand how the open position works and assert that you are the right person to fill the role, you should grab their attention. It will then be important to show why you are the right person for the job by providing an example of your most relevant accomplishment. Don't describe too much however, for this is the purpose of your actual resume.

Companies also want to hire people, who are knowledgeable and show initiative. If you demonstrate that you have information about the company and describe some of their programs and branches, detailing how you will contribute to the company itself, you are already setting yourself apart. Most applicants simply ask for the job and don't prove how they can be a worthwhile contributor. Showing that you already have knowledge about the company sets you apart as well as the initiative to describe how you are going to be a valuable member of the team. Doing all of this and still keeping your cover letter short delivers a short, but strong example of why you are worth a closer examination and why they should bring you back for an interview!

Sample Resume Cover Letters

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