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Writing a Recruiter Friendly Resume

Recruiters are often the first people that you need to impress when you are looking to land a new position. A recruiter is the person or firm employed by a hiring company to sort through the hundreds of resumes and cover letters, which are submitted in order to determine who could prove to be the best possible new employee that can be hired. A recruiter is going to spend a great deal of time reading through many different resumes and as a result, writing a recruiter friendly resume will help you rise to the top of the pack and let you stand apart as a strong potential candidate for the new hire.

What Will Recruiters Look For?

When a recruiter is looking through resumes, there are a few things, which can help you stand out above the crowd. The first is the focus which you demonstrate. Having a very focused resume means that you are very clearly and concisely stating what your particular job goals are and how you think that being considered for the job is going to help you reach your personal goals. This can show that you have a plan of action in mind and that you are willing to work to make it happen.

The career focus that you detail is going to be a particular area of interest to the recruiter. This will end up giving the one perfect indication of exactly what you hope to achieve. The more focused and concise you are, the better you will be at communicating yourself to that recruiter. They should feel that you will be a good addition to the team because of your communication skills.

Competency Is Important As Well

Knowing that you will be able to perform in a certain job position is also another important quality for a recruiter to consider. The competency that you have is related to your skills but also to your bank of knowledge. When you are able to use specific terms in relation to the way that they will apply to the job position being hired for, a recruiter will see that you know what you are talking about. That alone is going to help you make a lasting impression on this gateway to the hiring managers.

Your Accomplishments Also Come Into Play

The best ideal candidates are the ones who are able to go into a job and get a lot done. This means more than simply the tasks that you were hired to perform. You will truly stand out to a hiring company when you are able to achieve over and above what you were hired to do. This is why your accomplishments are so important. The better that you are able to show what you are able to achieve, the better an impression you will make. This can help you ultimately make the impression on a recruiter, which will get your resume passed along. Without that vital impression, your resume will most likely be looked over and passed to the bottom of the pile. Make your resume clear, direct, and packed with information. This is ultimately what grabs the attention of anyone who reads it.

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