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Writing a Job Interview Thank You Letter

If you've put together an outstanding resume and cover letter, you will have succeeded at getting the attention of your prospective employer. This usually leads to an interview, where you can get to know the company and its executives even better. They will have a chance to get to know you as well, coming to understand what you offer and how you may fit into their company. A strong performance during an interview will get you even closer to getting the job, although there may still be a few people in the running. You will want to make yourself stand out even more, which could come in the form of a job interview Thank You letter.

A job interview Thank You letter is one more way to stand out in the eyes of the company. It shows the readers that you have a gracious side and that you are both warm and enthusiastic about the job. This simple courtesy could be enough to set you ahead in the eyes of the employer and could end up getting you the job. Before leaving your interview, don’t forget to get the business cards or contact information of the key decision makers during your interview. You will need to know where to send your thank you letter.

Keep it Short!

Your Thank You letter after a job interview should be kept short. You don't want to overwhelm the readers by giving them a great deal to read; you are simply sending a short courtesy note, which is actually filled with more promotion of your ideas. A short note should be enough to get your ideas across. In this short note however, you will want to put a number of points across which can all contribute toward setting yourself apart as the best candidate.

What Do You Include In a Thank You Letter?

Start the letter by thanking the interviewer for meeting with you. Show interest in the position once more and indicate that you are excited about potentially getting this job. Offer one more short and sharp summary of your strongest qualifications for the job and give a very brief example of how you will implement these qualities in the open position. If you forgot to mention any key selling points during your interview, bring them up in this cover letter. Anything else that you may be able to think of which can set you apart should be mentioned now; as this may be the last contact you have with the company before they make their decision. Finalize the letter by thanking the interviewer once again and by stating that you hope to hear from them soon.

A Thank You Note can Go a Long Way

If you can use this letter to show any interviewer how excited you are for the job, it will give you an even greater chance of being successful. Not many people think of sending a thank you letter after the interview, which is why this can be one more way of setting yourself apart. The more that you stick out as a great possibility, the more a company will be willing to take a chance on hiring you. If you are able to show them that you are willing to work harder than anyone else, you will be given major points and this could prove to be the final deciding factor.

Sample Job Interview Thank You Letter

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