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Using Problem Action Results Examples In Your Resume
(Showing How You Handled a Problem and Resolved It)

There is a great deal of information that you need to get across in your resume and facts about your previous work experience are only a small part. Not only do you need to show your prospective employers why you are the best choice for the job but equally important, you need to do this in a very limited space. This means that every single portion of your resume needs to be carefully considered before you send it out to hiring managers of the companies you are applying to. If you phrase all of the areas of your resume carefully, you will find that it is possible to get a number of ideas across in one simple sentence.

One of the best ways to accomplish this is by using a Problem-Action-Results format with your resume. Usually best utilized in the previous job experience section, you can use this method to indicate three major things to anyone who is reading your resume. In addition to giving them specifics about some of your duties at your previous job you will also be able to show them some of the feats that you managed while performing at that job. Above all of this, you will be able to show a great deal of confidence about yourself as a worker by telling them exactly what you are able to achieve at your job.

All of this can be done through one simple sentence listed in the correct place on your job resume. Considering that professional resumes need to be concise, you will want to make every single sentence in your resume as loaded as possible. Getting these three major ideas across to your audience can be a very important way of managing this. You not only need to indicate what you can do, but you need to show the confidence that you will be able to achieve those same results in your new job.

The Problem-Action-Result format is one that will help you take charge of your own resume. You will show that you are a strong worker and that you will be able to perform very highly at your new job, which is exactly why you should be considered for the position. The best part about using this technique is that most people won't even realize that you are using this method, as they will only see the three things you are telling them without noticing the way in which you are doing so.

If you are going to make a lasting impression with your resume, you will need to figure out exactly how to shape your resume so that you optimize the information which is being given along every step of the path. When you use the Problem-Action-Result method, you are giving out a great deal of pertinent information and you are helping yourself to stand out from the crowd even more. That will help you make the impression you need to make and hopefully get called back for the interview where you can further prove yourself.

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