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Should You Or Shouldn’t You Use Graphics and Pictures On Your Resume?

When you are sending out your resume, your main goal is to appear as professional as possible. You want to make a good impression on the people who are doing the hiring, for which you will need to find ways that you can stand out above the crowd. Using creative ways to craft your resume to represent yourself can mean gaining an advantage over all of the other resumes, which are being read by the person in charge of the hiring. While exploring different creative avenues, you may find yourself getting tempted to include graphics and pictures on your resume. However, the million dollar question is… should you or shouldn’t you use graphics and pictures on your resume?

What Do Graphics and Pictures Indicate?

Including graphics and pictures on your resume indicate that you are trying to be flashy. While you can grab a potential employer’s attention with the use of colors, graphics and even photos, the problem is you are attracting negative attention. Potential employers want to find employees who are going to be fully professional and qualified for their jobs. Even if you have great qualifications, using graphics and photos will distract from that fact and make it appear as if you are trying to boost a weak resume.

Instead of trying to be flashy and eye grabbing through graphics, you need to instead focus on how you can make your resume into a professionally impressive one. This means that you should make your resume clean and polished. You can intrigue the reader through the way you call their attention to facts about your job history and qualifications rather than by giving them something visually appealing but ultimately pointless.

Spacing your resume in such a way that you push your most important attributes to the top of the page will give you the best chance to snag the attention of the reader. This will be what calls you in for a resume rather than a pretty package. Employers want to know that you are going to be able to do the job you are being hired for in a clean and professional manner. Cluttering your resume up with graphics and photos will be completely unnecessary.

Are Graphics and Photos Ever The Right Answer?

There are rare occasions where graphics and photos may help improve your resume, although they will usually be asked for when you are submitting a resume. These will be the jobs where those graphics or photos will have a direct relevance to the job being hired for. If you are going for a design job, including graphics that you have made with your resume can help you show a body of your work. Should you be trying to be hired as an actor or media personality, your employers will need to know if you have a public face for the job. In those cases where appearance will matter, whether of your work or of yourself, graphics and photos may be recommended.

Typically, when hiring for those positions, employers will ask for these items to be included with the resume. This can help you establish what they are looking for and how to include your attachments. You will then be able to give yourself the advantage that you are after with your resume building.

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