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Selling Yourself On Your Cover Letter

The cover letter that you attach to your resume is going to be the very first impression that any prospective employer will have of you. Therefore, you are going to want to make sure that you take all necessary steps to make your cover letter stand out over all of the others by being full of personality, respectful, informative, and concise. This is quite a bit to take in with this very important document and you will want to work just as carefully on your cover letter as you would on your resume itself to make sure that it is a perfect representation of you and what you stand for.

What you Need to Get Across with your Resume

There is one main goal with a cover letter and this is designed to make you stand out. You want to declare that you are the best person to hire for this job and the better your first impression is with the employers, the more likely they will be to agree with this. Therefore, your cover letter needs to convey a strong sense of personality, while still being goal-oriented and respectful. You need to show that you are knowledgeable and versatile. It will also be important to do this in a very short amount of space, helping to ensure that your cover letter will actually be read instead of merely skimmed.

When you start your cover letter, you will want to do it very strongly. Immediately address what the specific needs of the company are and tell them how you are going to meet those needs. You will want to provide reference to some of your most relevant accomplishments to back up your statement, although only the most important details should be included. The resume will handle the rest of your qualifications.

You also need to show your future employers that you are enthusiastic about this job. There are probably plenty of other people who are applying for the position and you need to want this job. The person who comes into the job with a great deal of energy will have the best chance of performing at a stronger level and getting more high quality work done.

How Do You Do All of This?

You can display an informative interest in the company by referencing specific areas of growth the company is undertaking and potentially even by naming specific executives within the company. This shows that you know facts about the company itself, which is more than many other applicants will demonstrate and you are immediately setting yourself apart. This can also indicate an excitement about the job, which is always good for a new employee to have.

You can also show great initiative by stating that you will call the company within a few days to follow up on the resume and cover letter which you have sent in. This shows employers that you have a drive and dedication, which indicate a strong work ethic. The better you are able to look like a model employee through your cover letter, the more likely you are to get that interview and eventually the job!

Example Cover Letter Templates

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