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Selecting Your Resume References

One essential element to any resume, which not enough people take the time to plan for are the references. References are essentially reputed individuals, who can be contacted should prospective employers want to know more about your previous work history or qualifications, they will contact for information. Therefore, you will want to list references who are sure to say good things about you in such a manner that they will boost your standing in the eyes of a future employer. References carry a lot of weight in any resume and it is crucial that you take the time to find the best possible references that you can list in order to increase your chances of making a good impression.

Who Makes For Good References?

The best references that you could turn to would be those who have been your supervisors in the past. When you turn to former individuals who used to be in charge of you, a view will be presented of you as a worker from someone who was in charge. They can give an opinion of exactly how you stack up as an employee and this should help you prove to a future employer that you will be the right person for the position. If a former employer has nothing but good things to say about you, a positive picture is painted about how good of an employee you are likely to be.

Co-workers can be another good source to turn to. Certain co-workers can help show employers how you stack up as a member currently on a team. This will give an employer an idea of how you are as part of a unit in a way that an employer may not be able to provide. Great teamwork is another essential element of a future employee, so employers want to know that if they hire you, you will be able to fit in.

Who Else Could Provide Good Reviews?

Customers can be one source that will indicate how great you are to future employers. This will give a direct representation of your people skills and your interaction with the public. If you have a relationship with a certain customer or client, asking them to be one of your references may help you show that you have a great manner of dealing with the public, which is something that any employer wants to hear.

Professors or teachers may be a good source for a reference, depending on when your relationship with them lasted. If you are a relatively recent graduate, your professors may be able to give an idea of how you performed as a student. This can indicate your general work ethic along with what sets of knowledge and skills you have developed.

Typically, you should not ask your personal friends to be a reference. While they will say great things about you, it does not carry much weight in a professional setting as friends will not be able to necessarily comment upon your work ethics and this could hurt you in the long run. Instead, focus on the people who you know can speak of your strengths in a business setting and you will have compiled a great list of references for your resume.

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