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Resume Tips: Printing Your Resume

In today's electronic world, paper is slowly but surely becoming obsolete. This does not mean that it is dead however and there will still be plenty of cases where you need to use paper to make the right impression. One of these cases will be when you are printing out your resume; you should take all steps necessary to ensure that the document is as clean, crisp and as professional as possible. You are using this resume as a representation of yourself and as a result, you should consider the way you print your resume to be of the utmost importance.

Although resumes are often posted online and emailed in today's corporate world, a fresh printed resume can come in handy in many situations. Having said that, here are a few guidelines that will hold you in good standing, whenever you use a printed resume:

Keep it Professional in Black & White

You should always print on either white or ivory colored paper, which is considered a pure and professional approach. Colored paper can be difficult to read and may denote an immaturity level.

You will also want to make sure that you use only black ink. Your resume is supposed to be a list of your qualifications and achievements in a working environment. There should be no need for you to use colored ink for any reason. Not only is colored ink harder to read, it may even smudge easier and give you a sloppy impression. Making your resume stand out is important, but relying on colored ink for this is the wrong approach.

Keep it Crisp, Clean & Fresh

After you print the resume, keep it crisp and clean. Let the ink dry on the sheets before you begin stapling them together. Once, you’ve put it all together, immediately place the resume sheets into a folder or a book, where they will stay protected until you need to use them. The edges should be straight and crisp, free of rips, crinkles, or other marks.

A Few Extra Copies could Give you the Competitive Edge

When you are in a business setting, you should always have a few pristine copies of your resume on hand. When you are going in for an interview, carrying a perfect copy of the resume is recommended. While the person interviewing you may already have a printed copy of your resume handy, showing up with a copy should help you with making a good impression. It could indicate that you are prepared and eager to please; good qualities in an employee. Additionally, you may be interviewed by multiple people and having more than one copy of your resume will be appreciated.

Having good looking copies of your resume on hand should also help you make an impression if you happen to run into any important executives, who take an interest in you. You can show them this resume, helping to build interest in yourself and this can aid you with making highly placed contacts. Should a position open up in their company, they will already have your resume on hand and you may be contacted about interviewing for the position.

A resume is a tool which is going to help you be noticed and land the job you are after. While many resumes are dealt with in a solely electronic matter, having hard copies may give you an advantage. Make sure your printed resumes are in mint condition; this will help you make the best impression possible.

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