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Mistakes To Avoid When Writing A Resume

Going after a great job can inspire you to set goals, work harder and take the initiative to put yourself out there on the market. However, if you are going to succeed in landing the job, there are standard procedures that you will have to undertake to help put you in the running for the position. While it is critical to make a good impression during your interview, you will not even get that chance unless you have an impressive resume. When you stop to consider just how many resumes are received for every open position, you will realize the importance of making sure that your resume stands out over all of the others. By avoiding these common resume mistakes, you should be able to help yours be a little more noticed.

The Wrong Way: Scattering Relevant Information all Through the Resume

The Right Way: Keep the Most Relevant Information at the Top

Too many people write their resumes without focusing on the information that executives are looking for when they seek to hire for a position. Consider everything that the person hiring is going to need to see for that particular job position and build your resume so that the more relevant points of interest in your resume are located near the top. For every listing of a past job experience, include your official title first, name of the employer, location of the business and finish with the dates you worked for them.

The Wrong Way: Listing All of the Duties you have Undertaken
The Right Way: Focus on Major Accomplishments
You will also want to point attention toward accomplishments that you have achieved through that job rather than simply a listing of what your duties were. Every employer would hope to see that you did the basic job that you were hired for. What will interest them more is how you went above and beyond your duties and made an outstanding addition to the company.

The Wrong Way: Keeping the Resume Cluttered & Confusing
The Right Way: Make Your Resume Easy To Read

Very often, resumes are confusing to read and place important pieces of information in obscure places. Your most pertinent skills should be listed near the top of your resume, potentially in your profile portion. If you simply tack on the special skills that you have toward the bottom of your profile, they might very well not grab the attention of the person reading your resume and this could result in your being ignored.

The Wrong Way: Using Large Chunky Paragraphs
The Right Way: Use Short, Sharp Sentences &Bullet Points

Bullet points are another undervalued portion of a resume. Too many applicants use blocky paragraphs in their resumes, which are not easy to read and often result in your resume being ignored. If you instead take the approach of putting each important detail of your resume into its own separate bullet point, this will grab the eye and allow all of your facts to be considered.

It is generally accepted that most people reading a resume will spend no more than 20 seconds on the form unless something grabs their eye. The biggest mistakes related to writing a resume have to do with the fact that too many applicants do not take the time to make their personal resume stand out and ergo, do not make themselves stand out. Take the time to consider how your resume looks and what the specific job requires and from there, you should be able to craft your resume into a document, which can get you to the next step of the job process!

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