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How To Proofread A Resume

Your resume is going to be one of the single most important tools that you should develop and hone during your search to find the job from which you are going to make your living. It is important to consider that, in order to stand out above the rest of the crowd; your resume will need to look better than all of the others. This resume will be your first impression with any prospective employer and you will need to make sure that you are reaching out and selling yourself to them using simply a sheet of paper or two. You will certainly want to make sure that you make your resume look its absolute best and this of course entails dedicated proofreading.

What Do You Look for when Proofreading a Resume?

Are your spellings & grammar correct?

The obvious first step in proofreading a resume will be to make sure that the spellings and grammar are impeccable. If the representation that you give of yourself has obvious mistakes with spellings and grammar, you will only be telling prospective employers that you are not worth their time. It can be incredibly helpful to have others look over your resume, helping to catch any basic errors you may have made. Keep in mind that sometimes a misspelling may be interpreted as a different word by most word processors and can slip through the spell checkers.

Is all the data entered correct?

It is equally important to make sure that all of the data you have listed is correct. This includes your personal contact information, as making a mistake here will result in your not being contacted at all for an interview. You will want to make sure that all job titles, former employers, references and dates listed are correct. This will contribute toward the picture that employers are forming of you and you will not want to give them any false information.

Is your resume compelling?

Perhaps even more importantly, you will want to proofread your resume to make sure that it is as strong as possible. This will include putting your strongest attributes toward the top of the resume. Most employers, especially when faced with the position of filling a very popular job, will only skim through the resumes on their desk; those resumes that do not stand out to them at first glance will promptly be ignored. Therefore, you will want to take all possible steps to make sure that your resume has the strongest features right at the top.

Is your resume formatted right?

The formatting of the resume is also important to consider while proofreading. Is it easy to read; with important parts bulleted and featuring plenty of space between all of the text? The easier that your resume is to read, the more likely that it will be read. Bulky chunks of text will be skimmed at best and this will not contribute to your resume standing out.

As you are proofreading, pass your resume along to as many knowledgeable people as possible. They may be able to give you tips to help your resume stand out even more. A simple rule to follow; however, is to make sure that your resume is clear of all simple mistakes. It must feature your most important and pertinent job-related qualities as close to the top as possible and be easy to read. This will give you the best chance of being noticed by your future employer!

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