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Examples of Avoiding Age Discrimination In Your Resume
(Only Including Recent Work History)

Although it is illegal, age discrimination is one critical area of a job hunt that most people rarely if ever, take into consideration. While your actual age should have no relevance on how well you will be able to perform your job, many employers will not want to hire someone who is either too young or too old in their eyes to perform the tasks they have. Most employers will paint a picture of the ideal age of a candidate in their minds and part of hiring the right person will come in the form of finding the person who fits the age range they had in mind. While this is not necessarily the right thing to do, it can sometimes happen nevertheless.

This is why you will want to avoid age discrimination when writing out your resume. There are a few ways to do this, although nearly all of them will relate to the way in which you describe your recent work history. Although this is not a hard-and-fast rule, you are typically only expected to list the last 10 years of work experience which you have under your belt. If your work experience going back more than 10 years will benefit you, it is something that you should include in your resume.

You will want to be careful however, because the dates that you list along with your particular types of work experience will give an indication of what age you are. If you are afraid to appear too old to work at a certain job, you may want to consider leaving jobs off of your resume which you worked at more than 10 years ago. This could cause the employers to pass you over, whether consciously or not, simply because they feel you are too old to fill the necessary position.

One way to avoid this age discrimination is to blatantly leave off the work experience which you have that does not directly relate to the job which you are applying for. This can shave off most of the jobs which you held long in the past and only list your work experience to jobs which were held within the last 10 years. That can help you to appear younger; making what could be a better impression on the hiring managers.

They may not discover your age until you come in for the job interview. At this interview however, you should be able to impress them to such a degree that your age will no longer matter. Naturally, there is going to be a great deal of pressure on you to prove that you are the right person to hire for the open position. If you have confidence in yourself however and you are able to prove that you have the skills and qualifications needed to make a lasting difference in the job, you should have no problem proving that you are indeed the best person for the job at hand. Nonetheless, the way that you craft your resume, will be critical to make sure that you get called in for the interview. Do it the right way and you can start to make a difference at this new job.

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