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Creating a Search Friendly Resume

The nature of today's technology is one where computers are used for nearly every purpose. This will come into play with the job hunt as well. Not only should you take steps to ensure that your resume looks great in paper form, but you will also need one that stands out according to electronic methods of reading as well. This means that you need to craft your resume so that it reads well on a computer screen and that any reader will be able to search for certain terms within that resume to see if you easily fit the qualifications.

What Gets Scanned In a Resume?

Anyone who scans your resume is looking for a very specific set of words that will jump out at them. These keywords are usually the terms which indicate that your resume is one which is filled with qualifications and relevant experience. Knowing this, when you sit down to write your resume, you can figure out what some of those keywords might be. This way, you will be able to sprinkle them throughout your resume and help the person reading it to identify your particular resume when searching using an electronic method.

Be careful about the way that you use these keywords, however. Using them too frequently in your resume will make it seem simply as if you are trying to grab their attention and that you may not actually have the necessary qualifications for the job. You need to identify which keywords will relate to the position that you are applying for and insert them into key areas, which both a computer and someone manually reading your resume would be able to find. This can set your resume apart as someone who may be right for any specific job role.

The Layout of Your Resume Is Important As Well

You know that it is important to make sure that your resume looks great on paper. If it is clean and professional, you will be able to show any employer and impress them with the style that you have chosen. This does not mean, however, that the same formatting will apply when you send your resume document in file form by email. The formatting on computers can change when sending information electronically. In order to avoid this problem, make sure you craft another version of your resume which works when being viewed by electronic means. Such a format will typically be made in “NotePad” without any formatting.

It could take some careful practice to figure out exactly how you can turn your resume into a great looking piece to be viewed via computer screen. You may need to craft a few copies, email them to yourself, and then see how they turned out. It will be important to do this, however, to make sure that the resume is still readable once you have received it. The spacing will all be in place and it will be easy to scan this document in a few moments. Additionally, you should make sure that you use a major email site to send your resume, such as Yahoo or Gmail. Other email servers are known to have issues sending certain types of files such as Word documents and you do not want your resume to be butchered. Once you have made your resume foolproof to be read via the Internet, you can send it out to employers and make sure that you stand the best chance of being noticed through scanning methods.

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